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The Marioff … 2008, HI-FOG® water mist technology is now available for Ro-Ro decks and special category spaces. Widely used to protect accommodation and machinery spaces, HI-FOG® is the preferred choice for passenger cruise vessels where safety is a paramount concern. Using water mist as the extinguishing agent, HI-FOG® offers efficient fire suppres- HI-FOG® is the trade name of the high-pressure water mist fire protection system developed, manufactured and delivered by Marioff. The HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System can be used in place of deluge, gas, foam, dry chemical, traditional sprinkler and any other type of fixed fire protection system. It is efficient against most types of fires HI-FOG® Spray Heads Marioff’s packaged HI-FOG® system solutions are led by Marioff S.r.l., in Milan, Italy.

Hi fog marioff

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HI-FOG 2000 and HI-FOG 3000 sprinklers do not have a conical section c. Other types, such as pop-up or machinery-space open spray-heads, that are not included in the illustrationbelow, do not have a glass bulb. HI-FOG 1900 HI-FOG 1000 HI-FOG 2000 HI-FOG 3000 Appearance: Marioff’s grootste beloning is de groeiende lijst met referenties en de branden onderdrukt of uitgedoofd door HI-FOG®, zowel op zee als op het land. Al een vertrouwde oplossing op zee, HI-FOG® wordt steeds belangrijker op het land. Hi-Fog Water Mist System- Advanced Safety Systems, Inc.Marioff Hi-Fog Water Mist System test utilizing the SPU pump. Hi-Fog is a water mist extinguishing system specially designed to be installed and used on places where no other extinguishing system is allowed, effective or … Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 1991 Första kommersiella HI-FOG systemet DEL3.

HI-FOG® è il sistema di protezione antincendio water mist leader nel mondo; originariamente sviluppato da Marioff per l’impiego su navi da crociera esso è oggi utilizzato in un’ampia gamma di applicazioni anche su terra ferma. Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire suppression systems extinguish fires by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity without damaging property.

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equinix-02. equinix-07. Marioff com Fire Protection with HI-FOG Water Mist. Lista på våra utbildningar - Utbildning för dig!

Hi fog marioff

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Hi fog marioff

Marioff is the world’s largest supplier of water mist fire protection technology and is renowned for pioneering high pressure water mist fire protection technology.

Water Mist System test is conducted for training and to verify pressures and folw rates Marioff. The HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System uses extremely small amounts of pure water to control, sup-press or extinguish fires. Traditional sprinkler systems employ wetting as the fire fighting mechanism, and therefore require very large amounts of water. HI-FOG® uses water much more efficiently, up to 90% less than a Marioff is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.
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HI-FOG® uses very little water it is easier to flush the pipes during maintenance, which, in turn, results in a better quality of water and a longer life cycle for the pipes. Marioff is the world’s leading supplier of water mist fire protection systems that designs, manufactures and supplies high pressure water mist fire protection systems under the HI-FOG brand name. Since its launch in 1991, HI-FOG has been earning a reputation for superior fire suppression performance, becoming the standard for water mist fire protection. With comprehensive information on every HI-FOG ® system, you can rely on Marioff for quick identification and speedy delivery of spare parts.

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Fire Suppression with HI-FOG… About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Forecast calls for HI-FOG ® TrainingAs part of your overall safety regimen, Marioff will train your crew to operate and maintain their HI-FOG ® system to make sure it performs at its best when it matters most -all the time.Founded in 1985, Marioff is the world's leading provider of water mist systems on … History of Marioff HI-FOG® Marioff was founded in 1985 with pure entrepreneurial spirit and a motivating mission: to protect people, property and business from fire, on land and at sea. The spirit lives on in a story of continuous growth, and today Marioff is a leading supplier of water mist fire protection systems.

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Appended to the complaint was a list showing the registrations of the trademark "Hi-fog". was registered as a domain name on April 15 1998 and has since then been in use. The Marioff group also has a 2008, HI-FOG® water mist technology is now available for Ro-Ro decks and special category spaces.

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The gas can be either pressurized air or nitrogen, depending on the application and preference, while the unit size (number of cylinders) depends on the size of the protected space and the required protection time. The HI-FOG SPU is an electric pump unit suitable for many different applications. HI-FOG SPUs can be custom built in a range of different sizes and configurations, and each unit can be designed to connect to both main and emergency power supplies. A HI-FOG rendszerek gyártója a finn Marioff Corporation Oy a Helsinki melletti központjából irányítja a rendszerek értékesítését öt világrészen. Az alkatrészek és berendezések gyártása szintén Finnországban történik a legkorszerűbb automata gépeken. Marioff | 4,870 followers on LinkedIn.